Payroll & the technology – A look to the future

The technological leaps and bounds the world has made over the past decade is astounding. Intelligent virtual assistants that can tell you anything, printing in 3D and self-driving cars are all contributing to one key area that every company and human is after…to make life easier, better and improve the way we live our lives.

‘Disruptive technology’ is becoming more and more prominent in a world where common, everyday problems could potentially become a money making idea. Keep forgetting to buy razors at the supermarket? No problem, have them delivered every month. Need a taxi? Order one on your mobile and pay for it by credit card. Want to know exactly how many calories you’re burning through the day or at the gym? Strap on a fitness tracker and off you go.

The world is becoming increasingly hungry for technology and services that take the stress out of something time consuming or irritating. One area that has become extremely slow in the uptake of new technology is payroll. Large, clunky operating systems managed by big umbrella companies and age old software means contractors need to access a computer to log timesheets, check assignments or wait until they get their payslip to check the finer details.

What does the future of payroll look like?

It’s been a long time coming but the payroll industry is catching up to provide easy access for contractors who need to do timesheets, access their assignments and log expenses remotely.
More agile and tech-savvy companies (like us!) are pushing the industry forward to make sure your umbrella provider works around you, not the other way round. The world is filling up with apps and the future of payroll is definitely heading down this road. Mobile timesheets, offline syncing (meaning you can do timesheets on the tube), access to assignments and payments and a host of other functions will make life for contractors easy and accessible (which is how it should be).

The mobile payroll app

At Appytech, we’re extremely proud (it’s good to have a little pride) of our mobile payroll app. Everything you have on your laptop…on your mobile (unless you have one of the really old 90’s black and white phones). It’s a ‘first of its kind’ (we’re pretty sure of that) and the best thing about it…it’s less than a £1pw.

• No Signal? No problem! Do your timesheets and the app automatically syncs as soon you get signal.
• Same hours, different days? Our pre-emptive app fills in the info in for you so less typing

There loads of other great features…sure you’ve got a few basic apps out there but who else gives you the control of managing your payroll on the go?