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Uber and BBC ruling – what does it all mean

Earlier this month, the online taxi service Uber was directed to recognise their drivers as employees rather than contractors, after the Central London Employment Tribunal’s decision went against the firm. It started with two drivers (supported by the GMB Union) who argued that they not self-employed but were company employees and therefore, entitled to a… Read More

8 immediate risks for limited companies after the Autumn statement 2016

We’re sure your familiar with the advice given by pretty much all accountants and some recruitment agencies (not to mention friends and family). “Create a limited company, it’s so much better than an umbrella and you take home more money” 2016 being the year of surprises (Brexit and the US Presidential election being just two),… Read More

5 reasons why mutual is the future

With all the changes introduced in April 2016 (and those pending in 2017 for limited company contractors) life for many is starting to look very bleak. With the ability to claim expenses curtailed earlier this year and tighter control measures in 2017 for those with a limited company, the contracting world is going through some… Read More